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The Entry incurs various expenses associated with administering Entry business, such as periodic registration of web site domain names and annual hosting fees, funding flowers for reunions and/or bereavements, miscellaneous outgoings, and other like items. These expenses are managed through the Entry Fund, which requires 2 signatures to release any payment in line with standard procedures for our type of organisation.

Money is periodically collected by way of a small tariff on reunion bookings, etc to help keep the fund afloat, but we also rely on donations from members.

Very many thanks to those members who have donated in the past.

Previously we tried using Pay Pal to allow members to make donations, with the idea of expanding this to allow convenient payment of reunion fees, etc. For several reasons, not the least of which was the Pay Pal percentage take from each transaction and the need for them to have our bank account details, it was decided to abandon the facility.

Members wishing to donate to the Entry Fund are advised to make email contact with Mervyn Kelly using the link to him on the Contacts - On Parade page.