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What’s New - Recent Change History

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Reporting Date

Description of Change

18 Sept 2017

As reported in the Haltonian I regret to announce the passing of  Mal White on 9 May 2017.

29 June 2017

Jack Houseman found us - if you want to contact him there is an email link to his name in the On-Parade page.

12 April 2017

Andrew Mobbs has shared the sad news of the passing of his father Bill Mobbs at Elgin on 6th July 2015. Bill had a personal chapter in  our on-line book ‘And Then’.

28 Jan 2017

Demise of Roger McNally in 2013 reported by The Haltonian magazine - verified by the HAA Office staff.

3 Oct 2016

2016 Reunion report added. Await any further pictures of the event for adding to the page.

12 May 2016

Merv Kelly’s landline number and postcode re-amended.

16 Apr 2016

Andy Hanks added to On-Parade, previously AWOL and Merv Kelly details amended.

11 Apr 2016

John Withey’s details amended.

28 Mar 2016

Added information about the next reunion and the Triennial - see application pages from the menu tabs to your left. - 28/3 Further details added for reunion.

8 Mar 2016

Members contact details updated.

2 Jan  2016

I regret to inform of the death of Terry Adcock on Nov 25th 2015 of cancer. Reported by Harry Apps and confirmed by RAFHAAA (Pete Brown).

Terry an outstanding Lightning pilot is listed here - http://www.lightningpilots.com/ZWIWOLSREMEMBERED2.html

15 Nov 2015

Bob Holt re-contacted.

9 Sept 2015

I regret to inform of the death of John (Taff) Rouse.

17 May 2015

New Hockey Team Photo added to Sports & Pastimes Gallery

10 May 2015

Minor corrections to Tony Robson’s page.

2 May 2015

Updated postcode for Tony Robson. New  individual pages for Tony Robson and Dave Vick

28 Feb 2015

I regret to inform of the death of Robin (Bob) Philpott on 4 February 2015.

10 Feb 2015

Contact made with Mike Ashton - C Flt.

1 Feb 2014

Google Maps page added showing whereabouts of 96th Entry members.

19 Jan 2014

Change of e-mail address for Gordon Sherratt.

13 Jan 2014

John Atkinson confirmed deceased. Minor amendments across the web site.

10 Jan 2014

Mel Thompsett found.

31 Oct 2013

Triennial and Reunion pages reorganised to include write-ups for each event where provided.

12 Oct 2013

John Longstaff’s details amended. Download bug fixed. Ext link to Vulcan crew chief register.

5 Oct 2013

More photos added to reunion and triennial

30 Sept 2013

2013 Reunion photos, mugshots and various members details updated

3 July 2013

Volume 2 of The Book (And Then…) added to downloads

20 June 2013

A & B Flt Group photo faces tagged with names.

16 June 2013

Ian Nelson’s mugshot added, location and contact details amended.

10 June 2013

The Trafalgar Square Fountains Episode added to the Window page story.

9 June 2013

Galleries changed to Java to allow viewing on mobile devices. Update from Mike Watts - see his individual page.

9 June 2013

New Downloads facility added. To be expanded in good time and bugs ironed out.

7 June 2013

Changes made to  simplify the method of Contacting Us by way of a single link on the front page.

Updated e-mail for Tony Withers.. Dave Stenning added to Mugshots.

6 June 2013

I regret to inform of the death of Mike Cresswell on 25 May 2013.

Errors and omissions to contact lists corrected.

28 May 2013

Jim Duff added to Mugshots, Dave Stenning is on Skype, St George’s Rededication Service attendees picture posted on General Gallery.

17 May 2013

E-mail updates for Paul Holmes and Dave Stenning (found him thanks to Huw Griffith).

Correction to the Entry fund account name in Donations.

Advice for anyone who has Skype Click-to-Call installed on their machine - on the front page.

Would members please review the new format of the web-site and pass any corrections or comments to me via the link on the front page - many thanks Rob.

27 April 2013

Minor update to names. Jock Withey added to Then & now page. Recruiting poster from Jim Duff added to Paperwork gallery.

21 April 2013

Web-site totally revised.