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What’s New - Recent Change History

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Description of Change

4 Feb 2018

I  sadly inform you of the passing of Geoff Busby on 26th January 2018 from lung cancer. Notified by his wife Doreen. Funeral - 2PM on 21st Feb at Swindon Crematorium.

Change of contact details for Chris England - now living in Buxton, Norwich.

27 Nov 2017

New email for Tim Eyles. Link in Contacts - On Parade amended to suit.

18 Sept 2017

As reported in the Haltonian I regret to announce the passing of  Mal White on 9 May 2017.

29 June 2017

Jack Houseman found us - if you want to contact him there is an email link to his name in the On-Parade page.

12 April 2017

Andrew Mobbs has shared the sad news of the passing of his father Bill Mobbs at Elgin on 6th July 2015. Bill had a personal chapter in  our on-line book ‘And Then’.

28 Jan 2017

Demise of Roger McNally in 2013 reported by The Haltonian magazine - verified by the HAA Office staff.